Strategic Leadership: Transform Your Thinking

The strategic leadership program is designed for leaders at all levels facing profound challenges. Drawing on years of research in neuroscience and organisational learning, it helps leaders and their advisors tap into their inner resources for better decision-making and growth of their teams and organisations.


Key Takeaways :​

1. A Master Playbook for use in the course and afterwards
2. A copy of the book The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership
3. An opportunity to join group mentoring sessions with our experts:
● Neuroscience focus with Jeffrey Schwartz
● Organizational challenges with Art Kleiner
● Executive coaching support
4. Completion Certificate and recognition of your standing as a graduate.

Learning Objectives :

1. Work on your leadership challenges and learn new ways of addressing them with more integrity and consistent success
2. Improve your skills of effective decision-making with the practices of executive function, mentalising, and applied mindfulness
3. Cultivate the inner voice of the wise advocate, and the ability to assess, discern and adapt in the face of daunting challenges
4. Begin developing the capacity to take a more strategic role as a leader and integrate that with the day-to-day work of organisations
5. Reframe the deceptive messages of your brain and organizational culture, generating new narratives and refocusing attention to realize them.

Facilitator :

Art Kleiner, MJ is an educator, editor, and writer who specializes in leadership and management theory an practice. His book The Age of Heretics (1996, 2010) is a history of organizational development and other emerging management concepts; his book about how organizations work, Who Really Matters is, according to venture capitalist Marc Andreesen, “perhaps the best underappreciated business book ever written.” He was coauthor with Peter Senge of The Fifth Discipline Fieldbook, and editorial director of the Fifth Discipline Fieldbook series, including the bestseller Schools That Learn. Kleiner was managing director at PwC and editor-in-chief of PwC global publications, including the award-winning management magazine Strategy+Business. He teaches content strategy, future studies and scenario planning at New York University’s Interactive Media Arts program. His most recent book, The Wise Advocate: The Inner Voice of Strategic Leadership (2019, Columbia University Press), coauthored with Jeffrey Schwartz and Josie Thomson, is the basis for this workshop. Marshall Goldsmith praised it as “a key book for aspiring leaders aiming to make the best―and hardest―choices.” Kleiner is a partner with Wise Advocate Enterprises, and a principal at Kleiner Powell International (KPI), a content strategy and media consultation firm. He lives in Connecticut.
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